Friday, 12 January 2018

5 Main Consequences of being Rich

Man, oh man!!

A wonderful creature he is, created or born or existed from something and is always going to be driven with two desires, sex and the desire to be great.

We all live in societies where being rich materially matters more than being smart. In other words, the more money you have in your life, the more proud you feel about yourself. All ambitions are accomplished, all dreams are valid and basically everything changes. But what are the consequences of being rich and wealthy, to being poor and living hand to mouth?

a) Family problems

Rich people are known to have the best lives so far, we all admire them. But they have one of the six major problems that the poor rarely have, family problems. Couples who have a lot of money always have problems either as man and wife, as parents and children or in the extended family. The kids are also rarely smart, no offense to you out there, but it's very true.

Of course most are not even religious, so they end up doing drugs, fighting over inheritance when the owner dies and even divorcing so publicly that their once admirers find them to be a disappointment. We have seen that a lot from celebrities. So, they are never a happy people per say.

b) Health problems

We have all been to a hospital at some point in our lives, some more than others definitely. Have you ever noticed that most people who go to big hospitals around the world are actually wealthy and prominent? Some even hire private doctors to tend to them in their private homes.

most of these fellows end up with cardiovascular diseases or cases that have tough words only doctors can pronounce them. They fear exposing it to the world because not even their money can save them at this point, thats why they hire private doctors. They definitely get the best medical care the poor cannot afford, but their diseases are way beyond their money. Sometimes one wonders why they can never cheat death :-)

c) Theft/hijacking/robbery

Who wouldn't wish to steal from a rich fellow? After all, he has so much money that could replace him anything he loses.

Being rich means being living next to your own graveyard. Everyone targets you, especially if you are a show off. In Asia, kidnapping a rich man's son or daughter can fetch you enough money to buy several houses. The ransom is enough for all your needs at once, for some time. That does not mean it is easy however, because they can hire enough security to storm and rob a bank. But if carefully planed and executed, it can be worth it.

d) Pride and fame = Enemies

To be rich means to have more pride than an average person and desiring fame and recognition everywhere you go. This means that you will need to have enemies. Need because your ego will bruise someone else's, and that creates enmity. Fellow wealthy friends may also be affected and thus plan for things that you only saw in movies.

In the recent past we have seen many attacked by supposedly armed robbers, who were sent by neighbors next door. The same neighbors they meet and talk and laugh. Cases of witchcraft have also been used on them by family and close friends.

e) Foolish/stupid ideas

Every rich person has a dream just like a normal fellow, only except that they are crazy and out of this world.

Some want to own cars that stand out in a crowd, driven by ego of course, others want to live on the moon, never worked out for them though, and some have no idea what to do.

This is an example.

A few crazy others find militias in Africa or Asia and start funding them, in return for power once they have accomplished their goals. It has happened before and still happens now. In this process, they come in contact with officials from governments whom they have constant deals and agreements in order to gain something in return.

For instance, newly elected presidents in every country have financiers who support their cause. These people regulate prices of items such as oil in countries without anyone knowing because they are behind the presidency. So Mr President is inclined to whatever choices they make in order to stay in power and at least make something worthwhile for themselves before they leave power. It happens in politics, it happens in religious organizations and even in the private sector, including the great United nations.

This in turn promotes corruption, racism, nepotism, wars and so much that happen in each country, that no one is brave enough to address without losing his head.

In conclusion, it is not bad to be rich but several consequences are a must in order to make one 'enjoy' his wealth. Some people actually have very good ideas when they have all that money, like helping needy children or the elderly or starting hospitals like Aga Khan or building institutions of learning or sponsoring the bright and needy, et cetera. It's just normal to have consequences...

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Devil Conspiracy

Every theist on earth leans towards God and against the devil, whom is also known as Satan and Lucifer and many more names. But how sure are they of what they believe in? Is God honest?

Let us assume a scenario: Mr X is an inventor. He wants to create a device that can enable man to fly like a bird. He gets the tools he wants, works on it and it's done. But for him to know it works well, he needs someone to test it, obviously not himself. He finds a young man who has zeal for the experiment, we call him Z. D-day comes, they all set out to an open field, and Mr X together with his team strap it on Z. Mr X knows that the device has a 98% chance of failure, he does not trust the other 2%. Z knows it will work.

And so the experiment begins, Z goes up and up and starts maneuvering about, the crew are excited about their new invention, Mr X knows it will fail any moment because he knows nothing can be too good that fast. After 2 minutes, the device fails, burns in the air and Z is falling to the ground like a rock. He hits hard and dies. MR X is not surprised at all, he expected it. Was there any force acting against Z? Was their another inventor who shot him down? Obviously no.

Similar principle applies to the life of man. According to religious beliefs, a certain high powered supernatural being exists, who created the world and all we know. It's just a belief, no one can be absolutely right about it. This being claims to be all knowing, which means he has a plan for everything that works out. Not in any man's favor, but in his way. Whether man requests for change or not, he knows what will happen to him. This being is known as God, Allah and so many unique names.

Then comes a conspiracy of one other being, who is supposedly his rival, Satan. If God or Allah is all knowing, where does this devil/Satan come in? If we assume God is Mr X, then it means he wants whatever happens to happen.

We have wars, diseases, slavery, hate, racism, nepotism, lies and so much that happens on our world, all under his watch. It's not that he cannot do anything, but just like our Mr X, he plans for things to go according to his way. He kills when he has had enough of you in his show, he causes chaos and wars, and still some fellow continue believing in Him, hoping he will change his ways in his life.

But then, he does not want to be the bad one in a world where truth never exists, he creates an illusion, the devil. So anything bad becomes associated with this other being, whom is from darkness as he on the other hand is light. The Yin Yang theory. So grief and pain and suffering and wars and chaos all become associated with this devil, who strangely does or may not exist in truth.

If God is all knowing, if he plans for everything, why should we blame the devil who, if he exists, has no control over man? If this God is loving, why kill his own creatures? Why make them suffer yet he knows whom he is going to pick in the end times, according to religious fanatics? If this God claims to teach love, why can' he set an example?

Had we not had missionaries moving from continent to continent claiming to preach his word, the world would have been a better place for man to live according to his real nature. We would not have had colonization perhaps, or false prophets who fool people and take their livelihood. Such is not a God whom they preached, if he is as described in holy books. If this God was an honest God, he would have taken the blame to everything that happens in life and not point it to one devil who has no control, no plan and no idea of what the future holds.

Did God create Satan or man created him, that is the question.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Lie we Live

We are living in a time where lies will buy us liberty in whatever we believe in, as long as it does not contradict what we know. We all think we are right in our own eyes. We find everybody who opposes our ideas to be wrong no matter their race or color because we think we are smart, and that is our greatest mistake.

The basic needs of man (food, shelter, clothing) are now for sale. Without money, we can never live to see another day. Without a job, we have no money. Unemployment rates across the continent of Africa is on the rise, our country also affected. The little things that once were free are now owned by people who control our economy, our minds, our ideas and our beliefs.

We make them our gods in one way. A cult of personality they have created in our weak minds, all in the name of freedom of expression. We campaign for them, pray in their name, believe whatever nonsense they say and do whatever they ask. We believe they are always right, but is that the case? Why should we take to the streets because of some fellow who has never seen poverty? Why should we believe that whatever they say is right? What are we trying to teach the next generation about leadership and politics? Unless we are all mad men, certain things should never be portrayed by a generation that claims superiority over beast.

Man has created himself superior to God. He controls everything from our education to our life. Some people somewhere who "own" the world sat down and set rules for fellow humans. They came up with a curriculum that will decide whatever students learn in class, goods which should be in the market, programs and movies which are to be shown, technology that should be implemented and so on. With that in their control, governments were erected to decide what their citizens should do in accordance to these "owners".

Elections and politics had to be integrated to make this free man think he has a right in life, making him a victim to what he knows not. Hence he'll do anything for anyone who is a god to him as he thinks it's his opinion, expecting to bring change to his life. A simple minded man.

The powerful man gets into the government and changes everything he had initially aspired to do. He has a debt to those who "own" him. He fights to gain his own wealth so as to repay those who put him there. At the same time, he is to secure them with everything they request from him or else be replaced. This man sells his country's resources in return for wealth, riches and fame. So the simple minded man who thought had a right, returns to his poverty-stricken life and starts all over, ashamed of himself. And thus, his freedom is in his mind.

It is more easier to believe a lie than the truth they say, but truth is costly. The media makes us believe what they tell us. Politicians make us believe their word. Corporate organizations and international bodies make us believe what they advertise and fight for. Religion makes us believe there is God. Our minds make us believe we are right in our own ways.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Trump: Embrace or Assasinate

"Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship." (Harry S Truman)

Times change, people change and so do governments. Each according to his own will and purpose, whether liked or hated by the great masses. The Pagans had their chance during the crusades, many died and many more embraced Christianity and survived; the Jews had their turn as well, though most were killed by the NAZI's during their time. Sadly, and regrettably, the same people who wrote and watched history are the next victims: Americans.

Should the American people embrace Trump or should he, like JFK and the likes, be assassinated? 

The world does not like an idealist leading their every way in governance. More so, the American people. The land of the free and home of the brave is on trial under Trump's leadership. More walls are built to separate the real and true Americans from those who happen to be 'fake'. In other words, there are more walls than bridges. Does history repeat itself?

The Berlin wall divided East and West Germany from 1961 to 1989. On both sides, the five superpower countries shared portions, with their rules and regulations applying to the sides each owned. There was little communication, contact and wherever you resided became your home. The American people are facing a similar but much more intense type of life under Trump. Those outside the country remain out till further rules apply: those in cannot leave at their free will. 

In comparison to Hitler's NAZI Germany, America is now worse than that. The Germans had a much better life back then. Americans lack so much yet they cannot do much. But of course there's always the 100 days grace period from swearing in before anything happens. Ruling a country under tight rules not only dangers the masses' opinions, but also the life of the president. However, the masses have little control over it. Their only wish is to have a change in the leader's rule.

Who is really to blame for Trump's succession in power? 
"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." (Joseph Stalin)
The American people selected Donald J. Trump as their new leader. The affected communities feel left out because they chose a woman to lead them. Whatever Trump decides, the whole nation should embrace it whether it affects their day to day lives or not. But since embracing is not everyone's pair of shoes, then it will not be surprising if he faces an assassination attempt from one or two of those in opposition.

Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half the time - E. B. White

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Man vs God

1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” (Genesis 1, NIV)

 The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. (Genesis 6, NIV)

Two things come from these two chapters of the Bible: God's love for man, and man's fall. The two both disappointed each other but have nothing to do against each other.

After man's fall, God decided to punish his generation, which were in fact blameless over Adam and Eve's mistake. But he's God, he could do whatever he wished for without any questions, just as a tyrant would. 

Now, this man, decided to make up his own small gods because the greater God was incapable of offering any help or support to his life on earth, or was either ignorant of him. Then grew religion from all parts of the world after God saw man's unity on the construction of the Tower of Babel a success. Religion was hence born.

But with religion came different strange beliefs that changed people's characters, behaviors, lifestyles and even how they talked. Some were kind, others harsh, some were even crazy over what they thought they knew. The world grew much dangerous and unsafe for man afterwards. He killed, conquered, ruled, et cetera, over his own kind. Even beast of the wild were better in character and some sense of self awareness.

Religion gave birth to politics later on. Oh no! The church, being the only reliable man's source of peace, brought about an animal that never existed. The Roman Catholic church. Many were killed during it's reign, many escaped from their homes and many were forced to take up on Holy Mary as to avoid death or torture. Man, still the same cursed being, reigned over his fellow beings as a symbol of god on earth.

As politics grew, man invented ways to secure himself over those who had different opinions from him. He invented an army to fight over his borders, which were already established by the church, a government which would do whatever the supreme leader had in mind, the church as a symbol of unity by dividing people and causing more harm, and something called technology that made every being on his country spied upon.

Politics then brought about democracy, kleptocracy, dictatorship, monarchy and all sorts of governments in order to rule man. He created a tool, propaganda, in order to make his enemies appear worse in behavior and goals and favor his ambitions. Later on, he came up with elections, polls, so as to make the masses think of politics and governments in a positive angle, and that they all have freedom in whatever they do and choose. Apparently, the same leading man had authority to change everything according to his way, elections being the key in his governance, but the masses were too blind to note that.

As years went on, people who knew much about politics were assassinated, exiled and some disappeared. The leaders then sort out to use the church, as was before, to control the poor masses. The church had and still has influence on any government by acting as a cover up of corrupt kleptocracies that exist, more-so across Africa. It funds and supplies weapons of war, as it did in Uganda, led to colonialism in Africa and other parts of the world, still acts as a way of penetrating arms in the DR Congo, and invokes wars in countries like Chad, Nigeria and most war-torn West African countries.

Incidentally, the same disease perpetrated by the church is growing so fast in Kenya. The church, the same that led the crusades, led to formation of gangs that killed people in clashes in DRC, is in control of Kenya's general elections, under the IEBC umbrella. Is it a coincidence that all goes back to the same roots? No, it's never by chance. If man was betrayed by God, then he can still betray man and hide the truth from everybody except those in power.

God was for man, then he played man's intellectual integrity and made him the sinner while he was not, and still had people trust in him. The same man will not only lie to the public minds, but to the entire world that he is the rightfully elected leader, as did before him by people from other countries across the world. Should we trust religion, the church, in honesty and integrity? Should we believe that God works through man and will invoke peace whenever needed? Should we trust anything men who claim to have a 'calling from God' say whenever politics and religion inter-marry? The answers will always remain debatable. 

If God never trusted man, then man has no reason to trust God, nor his fellow man.

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